Phillips Group

The vast family of framework materials has a multitude of potential applications, but these compounds’ useful properties depend on their structure in subtle and complex ways. My group uses neutron and X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy, backed up with theory ranging from simple pencil-and-paper models to sophisticated computation, to study these and related materials. Our research sits at the intersection of condensed matter physics, chemistry, and materials science; its ultimate goal is to use this knowledge to design new materials with targeted properties.

A warm welcome to Shurong Yuan, who has joined the group as a PhD student. Shurong previously completed his Master’s degree in Computational Physics for Condensed Matter at South China University of Technology.

I am delighted and grateful to announce that the Royal Society has awarded us an International Exchange to work with Dr Alessandro Stroppa (CNR-SPIN, L’Aquila, Italy). Dr Stroppa is an expert in materials simulation and will work with us on investigating electrical functionality in framework materials.

In a new paper in CrystEngComm, based on Helen Duncan’s PhD work, we investigate a hybrid Prussian blue analogue using total neutron scattering measurements.